Summer fun in NE

Boys will be boys, Cooper was playing and fell into a mud puddle

Some think this is a skate park but it also doubles at a great playground

Cooper loved the frog

and the bridge

the tricycle was a hit even though he wasn't tall enough to use the pedals
Cooper was splashing in the birdbath

Omaha Zoo

We were in Nebraska last weekend for a wedding and spent some time at the Omaha's Zoo. It was really hot and humid that day and the animals did not want to perform.

We were not even out of the parking lot before Cooper fell asleep. I would say that he had a good time.

Update on Coopers surgery

Coopers surgery went well. He recovered really well. It was really hot here(90 degrees, plus) during the few days after his surgery so we decided to get an window air conditioner, this way he didn't have to come home from surgery to an extremely hot house. I don't know who enjoyed it more, Cooper or daddy!

Surgery again......

After 4 months of ear tubes and still no change in his constant ear infections, our ENT has decided that Cooper will need his adenoids out. So, we will be going in on Thursday for this procedure. The doctor will also be replacing Cooper's current ear tubes with new ones. There is nothing wrong with his tubes but they have been in for 4 months and are in the "time period" of falling out. So, to take advantage of the anesthesia he will be taking out the adenoids and replacing the ear tubes. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will "do the trick" and we won't have to worry about ear infections again!

Busy boy

At 15 months we have our hands full with this one! He is a typical toddler but with "super hero" powers. Nothing phases Cooper, he can fall from anywhere, off of anything, and jump up and shake it off. He learned how to climb the ladder this afternoon. He just watched daddy climb up it and off he went.
Just one leg up

then the other leg.....wait are you documenting this? I can't go any futher.

Because I love getting my photo taken. Let me get closer.

Helping with the Laundry

I was doing laundry this morning and Cooper thought that he would help. Well, what he meant was that he would entertain himself why I tried to do the laundry!

Once he got in the basket he realized that it was pretty comfortable and it was in prime view of the TV

Cooper's view

I've had enough....I'm outta here.


You know before I had Cooper I always thought that it was weird when people were all "hung up" on their child's stats. WELL Cooper had his 15 month checkup yesterday and here are his stats! :-) Weight 27 lbs (75-90%) Height 33 3/4" (greater than 97%) and Head size 49 1/2 (97%). Even the Doctor mentioned that he was a "BIG boy."